Friday, April 1, 2016

pre-bolusing and carb allowance

Carbs. Diabetic Kryptonite.

Carbs are how we make or break our hour to hour lives with diabetes. It's what diabetes is all about. There are debates about how fat and protein affect blood sugar. Some people take insulin for something that has no carbs and some people do not. I think it's largely based on the outside factors more than what's in the food. Morning BG rise? Maybe need a unit with that plain black coffee that has no carbs but the caffeine will raise blood sugar.

One thing is for certain, carbs. Carbs are for certain to fuck shit up. All carbs are glucose in their basic state. Glucose raises blood sugar. Insulin lowers it. Eat carbs, take insulin. That's the condensed version.

It's more like this:
Think of carbs -- BG starts to rise -- take insulin (wild guess at how much) long before -- eat carbs -- wait for blood glucose annihilation -- suffer highs or lows based on not taking enough (or too much) insulin or not carb counting properly or not eating as much or too little.. you get the idea.

Lately, I've really come to value the pre-bolus. Most people hate it. Most people get frustrated by it, myself included. It's really hard to take insulin 45-60 minutes before you eat. You have no idea how hard this is! Sometimes you just don't know when you'll be sitting down with that food. Injecting too early and it's tankage right before you eat. Inject 5 minutes before eating? well now you wait another 40. Or you eat anyway and suffer the consequences. The suffering is not something I am willing to cooperate with. If I don't pre-bolus and eat all willy-nilly I suffer. Even just 30-40g of carbs which is a normal meal for me will raise my BG into the teens an hour after eating.

Sometimes it depends on what the food is-I know. Or if you're low to begin with-I know. I hate the pre-bolus with a passion. BUT.... doing this has made the post food spike almost disappear. For me I try to wait at least 45 minutes but 60 minutes is ideal. That's how long it takes for the insulin to start really kicking in (for me). It actually makes me feel like the biggest fucking nerd. I wish so bad this wasn't the case.

Aside from that, how do I like to spend my carb allowance?

I'm not big on baked goods. I really REALLY hate candy and the like. I could spend my allowance on rice and potatoes and I DO eat this stuff in small quantities. What I will spend my allowance on - without hesitation - almost every single time is CHOCOLATE. People think I'm some kind of big health nut when they offer me baked goods (that are usually filled with gluten). I turn it all down (mostly because of the gluten). I evidently get the response "Oh you can't have this because of the sugar." or "you won't want this, you're a super health nut." It's not that. If you DID offer me a gluten free cupcake I'd most likely eat it even if it's not vegan. It's just that you aren't offering me a gluten free one. It's so much easier for people to remember I have diabetes and forget I have celiac disease.

Yes, I am a health nut but I also munch on potato chips, the occasional cookie and my body weight in peanut butter. I don't exist on kale and tofu only.

But chocolate... it almost doesn't matter sometimes where my blood sugar even is. Lock up the chocolate. Lock it up good 'cuz I'm coming for it.


  1. Totally - the pre-bolus is powerful!

  2. I tried pre-b'ing - I wasn't any good at it. Guess I need to try harder.

  3. Does Canada have Cadbury Mini Eggs?

    1. Yes indeed. I find them revolting.

    2. I'm an idiot. (No surprises there) I don't know why but I thought you were talking about cream eggs for some reason. Cream eggs are revolting. Cadbury mini eggs are addictive! I love all Cadbury chocolate but I'm trying to stay true to my vegan choices and be better about choosing dark chocolate. My tastebuds are slowly changing and finding the milk chocolate to be sickeningly sweet. But I do so love the creamy texture.


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